Warrior War Wear

Prophetic Garments

The Lord has put a vision in me to “dress his warriors” which I would like to accomplish though my new line of Prophetic Dance Garments, Warrior War Wear.  I will be taking requests for custom designed prophetic dance garments. If you need a truly unique garment design for solo ministering or a small group I would be glad to design a custom, one of a kind, prophetic garment that preaches the message that God has for you.

Things I need to know:

1. What kind of event do you need the garment for?

2. Will the garment be for dance, pantomime, theatrical performance, preaching, etc.

3. What song will you be ministering to? (What message will you be working with?)

4. Are you willing to discipline yourself to daily prayer and schedule fasting from now until your event?

The prophetic garment designs that I produce are divinely inspired by God, this is a very serious and takes a lot of prayer and divine revelation to accomplish. Divinely designed Garments are NOT for everyone, if you feel a strong call from God towards obtaining a prophetic garment I will definitely need your help in prayer and spiritual warfare to accomplish the vision of God for you.

*I would like to stress that I will NOT design from another designer; if you really like a specific design, please be a blessing to the original creator and order it from them.